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Gelbe Treppen

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ooo service +

Space Development

Think out of the box! We help you to decide about your vacant spaces, to find individual solutions for your needs and to find new ways. Bentooo is creating spaces ooo - out of office!

Partner Network 

You need help to find partners for the execution? You have projects, that needs to be aligned with your bentooo project? We can help you.

bentooo  box

Choose your individual bentooo solution for your needs.

With the help of a temporary room in room installation- bentooo S, M or L , you can revitalize your vacant office spaces and create living for expats.

Brand Experience

You are searching for a bentooo area, that creates a new space for your talents you never thought of? Let us help you to speak your language and to create spaces telling your story!

Project Mangagement

We manage your project from initiation till the final fitout. Whatever you need: permitting, contracting, planning, negotiation or PMO.

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