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Hide and Seek

bentooo S

bentooo S

is the simplest room in room apartment, you can choose.

- a bathroom

- a kitchenette

- a working station

- a sofabed 


It is made out additive elements, which fit in every elevator and it has the minimal interior design. All used materials are certified for the good of all. 

Weißes Interieur
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

bentooo M

bentooo M

is the big brother of bentooo S.


The difference is, that you can choose some more elements like

- color of walls

- furniture items

- more glass elements

- range of flooring


Additional to the S equipment you will find here

- a double bed and a sofa

Zu Hause entspannen
Lila Aufkleber

bentooo L

bentooo L

is your own way to create your space needs.


We combine your brand design with our bentooo flexibility.

Your style, your brand, your bentooo!

Gestaltung am Tablet
Modernes Wohnzimmer
Frau fotografiert
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